The most stylish saree trends of 2022 made an impression.

Despite the fact that 2022 began with a small amount of breakdown, we are blessed to have a time after 2 years where we can celebrate occasions, festivals, and weddings without worrying about CO-VID. We are about to finish the first two quarters of 2022 and have attended weddings, festivals, house parties, and many more in-person meetings. With that come different trends, patterns, and styles in the market that people use to experiment with their attire.

One piece of clothing that can never go out of style and has been ruling the hearts of women for about a century is the saree, a traditional garment draped across the body according to different draping styles trending in the market. worn with an inner called a petticoat and a blouse of different cuts such as halter neck, backless, deep neck, etc.

The Most Stylish Saree Trends of 2022 

One outfit is open for experimentation and can be worn in different ways by just switching the draping style, blouse, jewellery, makeup, and hairstyle.

It is not mandatory to always wear matching, but you can switch it up with a different contrasting blouse and jewellery to dress it up or down as per your needs.

They come in a variety of fabrics, from light-weight cotton and linen to heavy materials such as Kancheepuram designer, etc. They have a wide range of embroidery done, from chikan to banarasi to designer heavy embroidery. You can find all colour palettes from pastels to dark. They too come in a variety of prints like ikkat, digital prints, bandhani, etc.

The year 2022, being the opening year, saw a boom in a variety of trends and patterns that women have carried and turned out to be successful trends. Women have attempted to experiment to enhance their looks for different functions.

This is some saree trend that just blew my mind.

  1. Ready to wear Saree

Ready to wear or Pre-draped sarees are really in trend these days, especially among millennials. This saree is perfect for those who are noobs to sarees and cannot manage pleats or manage saree pallu. This one is hassle-free. Many girls love to carry it to their college functions and also to weddings. They come in a variety of designs, starting from sleek ones to really heavy ones. 

They too come in a variety of styles, from drapes to appealing pleats. They come in all colour shades from pastels to dark shade palettes. One thing that you don’t have to worry about is the blouse. They too come ready-made. Some sarees have a belt design going on. This design is really appealing to the eyes.

Apart from all those things, you should prefer a pre-draped saree. It will make you look different from others.

  1. Ruffle saree

Ruffles are not a new trend, but they still rule the saree fashion game. Ruffle has been introduced as the 17th saree, but in recent years they have made a comeback and are one of the preferred choices of women for parties, weddings, get-togethers, cocktail parties, etc.

These sarees have ruffle detailing on the borders and pallu, which gives them a retro ’90s vibe. Their designs are so appealing to the eyes that you can be the centre of attraction. Styling it with a matching blouse and jewellery can just elevate your look. Choose a ruffled style saree if you want an Indo-western look.

  1. Organza saree

A lot of Bollywood celebrities have been spotted in this organza saree, making it the newest trend. They are lightweight, soft, and minimalist. If you are aiming for a soft girl look, this can be a great addition. These come in a variety of shades, but pastels look amazing and the designing is also done in different patterns. 

Their breezy silhouette makes them a perfect choice for a day wedding, spring party, or casual events. This saree has a slightly sheer look. You can pair it with matching minimal jewellery, along with dewy makeup and a sleek hairstyle.

If you want to experiment with different looks, then you should prefer wholesale sarees because they have a variety of options at really affordable prices compared to the market.

  1. Linen saree

Linen sarees are back in style these days and many celebrities have been seen spotting linen at different events and festivals. Because of the lightweight quality of this fabric, it gives a soft, comfortable, and sophisticated look. This fabric is of premium quality and comes in really sober designs, which makes it the perfect choice for people who have just started wearing sarees.

These linen sarees come with digital prints too. They come in a variety of colour palettes, from pastels to the darker shades. They can be paired with a matching or contrasting blouse, matching minimal jewellery, and dewy makeup. This saree is the perfect choice for summer events, festival occasions, and formal meetings.

If you want to experiment with different varieties, then prefer wholesale sarees online because they are at an affordable price compared to the market.

  1. Cotton saree

Cotton sarees, because of their versatility and lightweight nature, will never go out of style, no matter what common women or celebrities wear.

They come in all colours and shades. Their chikan embroidery is mostly preferred by women for their formal meetings or events.

  1. Silk saree

No one can imagine festivals and occasions without the silk saree. They come in different varieties, starting from lightweight to heavy ones, plain to heavy embroideries. variety of colour shades.

Women love to carry it to weddings and parties. Styling it with the right jewellery and makeup with a sleek bun does it work.

  1. Georgette saree

This can never go out of style because women carry it to the workplace and special events. They too come in a variety of shades and embroideries.

Its lightweight design makes it an apt choice for women. These were all saree trends in town. Apart from trends going on, it should be you who should prefer what to wear and what not rather than mindlessly running behind trends.

Which one is your favourite from the list? Drape it and flaunt your ethnic look in the most sterling way.