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Purple New Fancy Straight Kurtis With Pant (Set Of 5 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31987
Avg Price 6695 INR
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Blue Printed Straight Kurti With Pant (Set Of 5 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31986
Avg Price 6795 INR
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Black Daily Wear Kurti With Pant For Girls (Set Of 5 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31985
Avg Price 6895 INR
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Golden New Fancy Daily Wear Kurti With Pant (Set Of 5 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31984
Avg Price 6325 INR
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Rama Blue Readymade Crop Top With Skirt And Jacket (Set Of 8 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31983
Avg Price 20835 INR
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Dark Pink Hand Work Readymade Lehenga Choli (Set Of 6 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31982
Avg Price 11725 INR
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Yellow Blue Gota Patti Readymade Lehenga Choli (Set Of 7 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31981
Avg Price 21685 INR
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Rama Green Sequins Readymade Lehenga Choli (Set Of 8 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31980
Avg Price 23635 INR
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Blue Beautiful Designer Readymade Lehenga Choli (Set Of 8 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31979
Avg Price 24785 INR
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Wine New Designer Readymade Lehenga Choli With Jacket (Set Of 8 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31978
Avg Price 24650 INR
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Multi Colour Designer Party Wear Lehenga Choli (Set Of 8 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31977
Avg Price 21365 INR
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Wine Sequins Designer Readymade Lehenga Choli (Set Of 7 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31976
Avg Price 18250 INR
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Light Blue Mirror Work Readymade Lehenga Choli (Set Of 7 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31975
Avg Price 20150 INR
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Party Wear Yellow Embroidery Wedding Lehenga Choli (Set Of 7 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31974
Avg Price 23950 INR
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Peach Sequins Designer Readymade Lehenga Choli (Set Of 4 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31973
Avg Price 7195 INR
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Wedding Wear Blue Floral Printed Readymade Lehenga Choli (Set Of 4 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31972
Avg Price 9750 INR
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Turquoise Blue Floral Printed Lehenga Suit (Set Of 4 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31971
Avg Price 10550 INR
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Party Wear Pink Blue Hand Work Lehenga Choli (Set Of 7 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31970
Avg Price 26795 INR
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Rama Blue Wedding Wear Readymade Sharara Suit (Set Of 8 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31969
Avg Price 16565 INR
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Blue Sequins Designer Girls Readymade Sharara Suit (Set Of 6 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31968
Avg Price 11725 INR
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Rama Blue Sequins Work Readymade Sharara Suit (Set Of 8 Pcs)
Catalog No : 31967
Avg Price 20425 INR

Not only men and women but kids also love to wear traditional dresses at weddings and other special occasions. They also cherish to look the best at events and parties. They like to wear traditional and ethnic clothes that are made from soft and durable fabrics. Some accessories and a nice footwear can give your child a proper traditional look. Your princess will look really awesome in a beautiful lehenga choli having some colourful floral prints and designs.

Wholesale Kids wear Catalog

You will come across all the latest catalogs of kids wear on our website. The outfits that you see here are all latest and trending and can be purchased at wholesale price. The prices that we offer you are extremely low and affordable as compared to all the other websites online, the reason behind this is that we ourselves are the manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of this amazing attire. We make the outfit with due care and efforts so that you get a unique and stunning look. 

Fabrics you get on our site

We know that kids should wear fabrics that are soft and hypoallergenic. Keeping this in mind we make our outfits with some soft and lightweight fabrics that suit the sensitive skin of kids so that they can wear it in any climate. 


It is a soft and attractive fabric that has some intricate designs printed on them. There is no need of doing some extra embroidery work on this cloth as it already consists of some amazing prints like paisley, flowers, leaves or some other motifs.


It is a plain weave crisp type of fabric that is produced using fine threads in wrap. It is a thick and shiny fabric woven using different colours of threads that are scattered through the weft and wrap. The fabric is usually made from silk and thus is soft and shimmery.


For a comfortable feel you should definitely choose a cotton fabric. The fabric is light in weight and has the ability to control sweat and moisture. The bright colours and alluring textures available in cotton clothes are a best pick for summers


It is also a lightweight and soft fabric that is suitable and comfortable for kids wear. It is made from natural fibres such as silk and cotton. It is available in amazing colours and prints, the best part of this fabric is that it gives the outfit a playful and flowy appeal.


It is a fabric that has a glossy surface from front and a dull finish at the back. The material is made from silk, polyester and nylon it can also be made from cotton. The shiny and shimmery surface of this fabric makes the attire look more adoring.

Types of Kids Wear

On suratwholesaleshop you will come across a wide range of kids clothing that can be worn on weddings, events and parties. They are available in a number of varieties having different patterns and designs.

Kids Kurta Pajama:

An ankle length churidar pajama or a narrow pajama paired with a knee length kurta having some asymmetrical patterns and a high neck kurta with full sleeves or three fourth sleeves can be a best kurta pajama pair for a festival, small party or any event. A black pajama and a bright coloured kurta such as orange, red, green and white will make your little one look super dashing and handsome. Get wholesale boys Kurta Pajama at low price.

Kids Dhoti Sherwani:

A dhoti is in a high trend nowadays. It is a type of salwar that is made using many pleats giving the salwar a loose and playful appeal. A plain white dhoti paired with a colourful sherwani made up of heavy fabric like jacquard or dhupion silk having buttons and some designs in front is an outstanding pair of traditional wear for boys. The kurta having a high neck and chinese collar is good and does not look clumsy on your kiddo. A flat mojari completes the overall look of your attire. Get Wholesale Boys sherwani at our store.

Kids Jacket Style Sherwani:

A jacket added to the kurta pajama or a dhoti kurta is just a wonderful pair for any special occasion or a wedding. The jacket is made from a special fabric that have some intricate designs and prints on it that may include paisleys, flowers or some traditional motifs. A short and sleeveless jacket paired with a knee length plain kurta having three fourth or full sleeves will look amazing when paired with a dhoti. The full sleeve jacket looks cool with a narrow pant or a churidar salwar.

Girls Lehenga Choli:

Not only for boys we have something for girls too. What will be better than a beautiful lehenga choli for a party or a special occasion. A fully embroidered lehenga choli with some big and small motifs and a contrasting dupatta is really an eye catcher. A navy blue satin lehenga choli and a bright orange banarasi dupatta will make your princess be the limelight of the occasion where she is going to wear it. 

Our Kids Wear Collection

On our website you will get relevant services and facilities. We are among one of the trusted manufacturers and suppliers from India. Our warehouse is located in Surat and we supply our products worldwide in countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Africa, etc. We are also one of the well known distributors of traditional clothes all over India. We dispatch the product after checking it properly so that you do not get any defects or inconvenience regarding the products.

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