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Sarees are one of the most widely worn attires in India. It is a symbol of culture and tradition. It is a piece of clothing measuring 5–9 yards in length consisting of different prints and embroidery. They are worn with different styles of draping, varying from state to state. Because of their versatility, sarees can be worn in different ways for different occasions. 

Because of the variety of options available on the market, it can be difficult for women to choose and they must spend a significant amount of time searching for the best. In this fast-paced world, women prefer an easier and more cost-effective option, which is to buy online sarees in just a few clicks.

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We are one of the leading single piece saree wholesale manufacturers of Surat, India. We provide speedy delivery of sarees all across the country. Suratwholesaleshop is a one-stop shop for ladies and saree dealers looking for quality and variety in non catalog sarees.

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Types of single piece sarees we have

We are a single piece saree supplier from Surat where you can buy fancy and party wear sarees at wholesale prices, as well as plain and simple sarees for summersWe have Tussar silk, Jacquard silk, thread work, georgette, digital prints, and many other options. Come explore our website. We are sure that among so many varieties, you will get something of your choice.

Kalamkari sarees

It's an ancient style of painting that is done on cotton or silk fabrics with a tamarind pen using natural dyes. It has that subtle glossy effect which allows it to be carried on minimal occasions. You can buy a non catalogue saree from our online store at a much cheaper price than the market and amp up your look.

Tussar silk sarees

Tussar silk is made up of several species of silkworms. The glossy look of silk gives a rich and classy effect to it. So if you are looking for Tussar silk, come visit us.

Jacquard silk sarees

It's a light easy to drape saree that has a pattern woven on it. Like tussar silk, this one has a classy effect to it. Because of its easy draping style, it just elevates your look. Visit us to get a single piece catalogue saree.

Georgette sarees

It’s a type of crepe fabric made out of rayon and viscose and can be made out of pure silk. It has prints all over, giving an alluring effect and is worn widely by professional women like teachers. Visit our website to get your hands on single piece catalog sarees.

Designer sarees

These types of sarees have more demand because we offer you designer sarees at a lower price than the market, so anyone who is looking for a variety of designer sarees for every special occasion can get them. You can find embroidery all over for all your festive occasions.

Digital print sarees

They have machine prints all over them and are mostly worn for formal purposes. You can buy a set of non catalog sarees at our website and be sorted for all your formal meetings.

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