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New garments are being developed time after time, the kurti is an ethnic inspired tunic that features all the basics with some added features that are indeed impressive, just what women need. With kurtis becoming such a popular attire among women of all ages and backgrounds, retailers will be trying everything to keep up with such high demands from customers.

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Latest Wholesale Office wear kurti catalog

Need comfortable clothing that is still professional enough to be worn to the office? Meetings and typing can be boring, but trust our latest office wear catalog to keep you entertained and looking stylish even on a boring day. Find all your favorite picks here, Anarkali, A-line, High-low kurtis and many more.

Wholesale Office Wear Kurtis collection at our store 

Kurtis for the office come in many different types of designs and decorative styles, here are some we offer to our clients.

Embroidery office wear kurtis

No woman will leave these out of her wardrobe. They offer stylish looks with least effort to create the perfect formal outfit for working women. Intricate embroidery work appeals to the eye and everyone will notice and comment on how good you look.

Printed office wear kurtis

Digital print has been a favorite design on all women’s ethnic wear and kurtis is one of them. Floral, ethnic motifs, checks, stripes, and paisley are used to fashionably decorate the kurti fabric. Present in the wardrobe of every woman in the country, They will be sold out fast so hurry up and buy them before they are all gone!

Long office wear kurtis

Known to emphasize a woman’s feminism, this style is best suited for the office environment. It also compliments the figure of taller women. Easy to wear and easier to pair, you can opt for leggings, churidar, or even the more modern palazzo pants to feel extra comfortable and energetic throughout the entire day.

Short kurtis

Ever seen those kurtis that end at the waist? Yes young women love to wear these types of kurtis to the office daily. Team them up with any bottom wear garment, even jeans. Maximum attraction is on them as they are a modern fusion of traditional and western influence.

Formal wear kurti

Shirt type collars, and buttoned sleeves can be found in the form of formal tunics. Appropriate for all offices. Plain and neutral colors should be the choice here as they look so sophisticated, just what is needed.

Lined kurti

If you need a kurti that is not transparent, we have lined kurtis that make sure it is not see through. This is because it has an inner lining of material underneath the top layer. Cotton material usually serves as a lining in all traditional clothing. 

Khadi kurti

Renowned across India, Khadi is a handwoven cotton fabric that has a long and deep history related to our culture. They are known to create interesting designs that cannot be refused.

Wholesale Office wear kurti with fabric at our store

Fabric determines how long you can wear a certain garment for, to feel at ease all day you should make the right material choice as it most important.

  • Cotton Office kurti comfortable and cool, cotton is the best for hot climates and summer seasons. Spaces in the fabric provide air circulation the reason why there is minimal sweating.
  • Georgette Office kurti flowy and lightweight properties make this material a favorite among all who wear it. It is easy to decorate and apart from the office, it also makes a goody party wear kurti for party events.
  • Satin office kurti the smooth texture will remind you of silk, but this alternative has a much cheaper price so increase affordability. A shiny surface looks good in any color and this is exactly what satin kurtis for work gives the wearer.
  • Rayon office kurti a natural alternative is rayon, made from synthetic sources it can easily have you fooled as to what it actually is, either way it looks and feels so premium and can fulfill all the clothing needs of a busy woman.

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Clothing Quality at our store

When it comes to making clothing that is your money’s worth, we know exactly what to do. It all starts with the raw materials, high-quality materials make high-quality products, a process that we at suratwholesaleshop are well versed with. Have no fears when buying with us as we are professionals who are dedicated to creating products that serve their purpose and more.

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Wholesale office wear kurtis manufacturer and supplier information.

We are a leading manufacturer and have situated our warehouse in Surat, a textile hub in Gujarat which is the perfect place to set up our warehouse. As a supplier we distribute our products all over India to cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, and Jaipur. We also export to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Malaysia, these are just a few countries we service. 

Our products include all women’s ethnic wear, sarees, lehenga choli, salwar kameez, kurtis, mens wear, kids wear, and accessories. All are of high quality and attractive design that you will not regret buying.

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