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Summer Vol 20 Deep Tex Lawest Prices Daily Wear Printed Cotton Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16716
Avg Price 399 INR
Full Set + Single
Triveni Vasteeni New Designer Faux Khadi Party Wear Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16656
Avg Price 2355 INR
Full Set + Single
Regular Wear New Fancy Satin Border Work Weightless Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16574
Avg Price 999 INR
Full Set + Single
New Designer Linen Cotton Digital Printed Fancy Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16573
Avg Price 875 INR
Full Set + Single
Exclusive Designer Digital Printed Festival Wear Silk Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16572
Avg Price 1925 INR
Full Set + Single
Digital Printed Cotton Silk Latest Designer Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16569
Avg Price 1750 INR
Full Set + Single
Printed Georgette New Fancy Regular Wear Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16532
Avg Price 785 INR
Full Set + Single
Rangoli Georgette Regular Wear New Designer Printed Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16473
Avg Price 875 INR
Full Set + Single
Weightless New Fancy Regular Wear Printed Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16472
Avg Price 755 INR
Full Set + Single
Weightless Beautiful Daily Wear Printed Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16471
Avg Price 999 INR
Full Set + Single
Georgette New Fancy Printed Daily Wear Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16469
Avg Price 825 INR
Full Set
Daily Wear Chiffon Fancy Beautiful Printed Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16464
Avg Price 420 INR
Full Set
Floral Printed Daily Wear Linen Satin New Fancy Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16459
Avg Price 595 INR
Full Set + Single
Printed New Fancy Regular Wear Georgette Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16433
Avg Price 715 INR
Full Set + Single
New Fancy Printed Georgette Buy Daily Wear Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16429
Avg Price 850 INR
Full Set
Printed Weightless Regular Wear New Fancy Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16396
Avg Price 645 INR
Full Set + Single
Printed Chiffon New Fancy Party Wear Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16358
Avg Price 960 INR
Full Set + Single
New Fancy Brasso Chiffon Foil Printed Casual Wear Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16356
Avg Price 1335 INR
Full Set
Renial Printed Regular Wear Chaepest Prices Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16345
Avg Price 395 INR
Full Set
Daily Wear Weightless New Fancy Printed Sarees Collection
Catalog No : 16344
Avg Price 675 INR

Printed sarees are one of the most attractive and colourful types of sarees. They are light in weight and have some beautiful prints making the outfit look more ravishing. A printed saree paired with a designer blouse or a plain blouse is going to give you a drastic look. The prints may consist of flowers and leaves which are most common and favourite ones, some paisleys, animal prints or some traditional prints and big motifs.

You can easily buy printed sarees wholesale in surat or from any online store. Every store is flooded with varities as most of the customer demands for this. Any customer who buys wholesale sarees will make sure that he or she is gets printed sarees catalog and thats becuase same is desired by retailer.

Most important thing is the trending pattern and sarees design detailed on saree and on our website you will come across all the latest catalogs of beautiful printed sarees that are available at a low price.

The products available on our website are made from premium quality of fabric that are soft, comfortable and durable. The saree can be of single colour and have some alluring prints on them or it can be of double colour and multi colour having some famous and traditional prints such as bandhani or leheriya prints. Buying this for as chooice for wholesale party wear sarees would not be wrong.

Printed cotton sarees wholesale

The most preferable fabric that is absorbent and strong is the soft fabric. The material is a natural fibre that is obtained from cotton plants and then converted into a soft fabric. The sarees made from this fabric are suitable for any occasion and any climate making it one of the most preferred fabric. We have seen that on daily basis printed cotton sarees wholesale demand has been increased.

Main reason why this is has highest sale because India has hot climate and obviously wholesale cotton sarees would be preffered first.

Types of Printed Sarees:

  1. Printed Silk Sarees: Another super gorgeous fabric is silk. This shiny and smooth fabric comes under the category of widely consumed fabric throughout the globe. It gives the outfit a voluminous and playful appeal. It is considered to be one of the richest fabrics among all the other fabrics
  2. Hand Printed Sarees: One of the ancient techniques of decorating saree is the hand printing technique. In this method the designs are carved on wooden blocks and then they are pasted on the cloth giving it a mesmerising look. These sarees are also used as a daily wear saree by women and they also wear it on small get together or parties. This can also be called as perfect wholeale designer sarees that you can have it.
  3. A lightweight fabric that is flowing and has a playful appeal and on our website you can find wholesale georgette sarees. It can be plain or have some prints and designs that makes the outfit look more attractive and alluring. The printed designs may include small or big motifs and give the wearer a glorifying look. Therefore buying wholesale printed georgette sarees would never be wrong chooice.
  4. Digital Print: Nowadays digital prints are becoming very popular among our pretty ladies. The designs are printed on sarees using modern techniques. The designs are first drawn on the paper and then it is printed on the cloth using high volume laser or inkjet printers. In fact if you are bored with sarees then you can wholesale kurtis from this website.
  5. Printed Satin Sarees: It is a cloth that is glossy from front and has a dull finish at the back. It is a smooth and shimmery fabric made from fibres such as silk, nylon, polyester or cotton. These sarees are a great option for evening parties and provides you a modern and stunning look.
  6. Printed Chiffon Sarees: It is a plain woven sheer fabric that is light in weight and purely made from silk. It has a slippery texture and delicate nature and it must be hand washed very gently. It is a lustrous fabric and gives the wearer a glamorous look.
  7. Other than thing have look with awesome wholesale salwar kameez catalog available on our portal which highly demanded and durable.

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We are one of the trusted and leading distributors of wholesale printed sarees and wholesale lehenga all around the globe. We manufacture our products in Surat, India and our warehouse is also located there. You get the product delivered on the allotted time at your doorsteps. We check the product properly before dispatching it to your place so that you do not bother any inconvenience after receiving the parcel. You get the facility to pay for the product by any online mode or you can also pay for it in cash.