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When else can be more beautiful than a shiny and shimmery silk saree. The attire is available in a variety of colours and their speciality is the beautiful zari work done with golden or silver threads. 

Tussar Silk Sarees: It is a type of silk produced from the larvae of several species of silkworm. The fabric is valued for its rich texture and natural deep golden colour. Sarees made from this fabrics are also used as bridal wear in Southern India. The saree is famous for its intricate patterns and designs. 

The most attractive part of a silk saree is it's alluring pallu that has broad borders and small motifs. They are one of the highly demanded sarees all around the globe and in India every woman has a collection of beautiful silk sarees in her wardrobe. 

Wholesale Silk Sarees Catalog

You will come across a range of beautiful silk sarees available in beautiful colours and designs. It can be found in single colour or double colour and one can choose it as per her choice and preference. The catalog of this traditional sarees are an eye catcher. 

The saree is fully embroidered with golden thread work having small and big motifs as well as alluring lace work. A thin lace at the bottom of the saree gives it a more dignified look. Buy them at wholesale price made with a soft and comfortable fabric. 

Wholesale Silk Sarees Collection 

We have a wide range of silk sarees in beautiful colours, designs and patterns. They have some traditional motifs printed on the whole saree giving the attire a wonderful look. There are many different types of silk sarees.

Banarasi Silk Saree: The speciality of Banaras is the banarasi silk saree that is made with due care. It is one of the finest variety of silk saree that takes almost 15 days or may take six months to make the beautiful banarasi saree depending upon the pattern and design of the saree.

Art Silk Saree: This fabric is manufactured by a synthetic fibre like rayon that is light in weight and bright in colour. This fabric is commonly used in making ethnic and traditional wears. This fabric gives the outfit a shiny look and playful appeal. 

Wedding Silk Saree: There is a ritual to wear silk sarees at weddings by Southern brides in India. They usually wear yellow, red, pink or green colour saree at wedding day. They are detailed with some intricate designs and motifs made with golden and silver colour thread.

Designer Silk Saree: We also have a collection of designer silk sarees that are available in exclusive designs and colours that cannot be found on any other site. These designer ones can be worn at any special occasion or wedding. Get wholesale designer sarees

Handloom Silk Saree: It is also one of the most admired types of silk saree. The prints and designs on saree are done with the ancient technique, that is using blocks and hand prints. Some traditional motifs, flowers, leaves and animal designs are the speciality of silk handloom sarees. 

Bhagalpuri Silk Saree: This silk saree has its origin form Bhagalpur, India and is also known as Tussar silk saree. The saree has been famous since ancient time and is worn by women on special occasions, festivals and events. They are made from a unique dyeing technique that makes it more special. 

Kanchipuram Silk Saree: It is a type of silk saree made in Kanchipuram region of Tamil Nadu, India. The attire is worn as bridal wear and also on special occasions. The sarees are woven from pure mulberry silk thread that are woven using three shuttles. 

Party Wear Silk Sarees: We also have a range of party wear silk saree that are available in some trending colours such red, green, yellow, orange and pink. Wear them at evening parties, gatherings and get-together. They are also a perfect pick of festival or some special events. 

Traditional Silk Sarees: Silk sarees are the love of every woman, pair them with a simple and elegant blouse that have a simple neckline and sleeves that can be vary in length that can be long, short or three-fourth. You can drape the saree in different styles to get a more dignified look. 

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