Wholesale Wedding Sherwani

Full Set + Single
Art Banarasi Silk Embroidery Work Sherwanis Collection For Wedding
Catalog No : 13918
Avg Price 21915 INR
Full Set + Single
Nawabi Style Exclusive Designer Wedding Special Jacquard Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 13916
Avg Price 6199 INR
Full Set + Single
Hand Embroidery Work Latest Designer Jacquard Silk Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 13503
Avg Price 16899 INR
Full Set + Single
New Designer Wedding Special Brocade And Jacquard 3 Pieces Indo Western Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 13502
Avg Price 7855 INR
Full Set + Single
Banarasi Jacquard Silk Wedding Special Exclusive Designer INDO Western Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 13495
Avg Price 8985 INR
Full Set + Single
Nawabi Style Latest Designer Wedding Special Fancy Jacquard Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 13494
Avg Price 6275 INR
Full Set + Single
Latest Designer Printed Jacquard Wedding Special Sherwani Collection
Catalog No : 13488
Avg Price 3420 INR
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Latest Designer Fancy Silk Heavy Work Wedding Sherwanis Collection For Groom
Catalog No : 13487
Avg Price 9150 INR
Full Set + Single
This Wedding Season Special New Designer Mens Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 10450
Avg Price 13290 INR
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Indo Western Style Wedding Wear Banarasi Silk Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 10449
Avg Price 10860 INR
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Wedding Wear New Designer Nawabi Style Fancy Mens Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 10448
Avg Price 7220 INR
Full Set + Single
New Designer Wedding Wear Indo Western Style Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 10445
Avg Price 8430 INR
Full Set + Single
Different Look Party Wear Latest Designer Indo Western Style Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 10444
Avg Price 6735 INR
Full Set + Single
Nawabi Style Latest Designer Wedding Wear Jacquard Mens Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 10443
Avg Price 5521 INR
Full Set + Single
Festival Wear New Designer Banarasi Silk Churidar Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 8169
Avg Price 2106 INR
Full Set + Single
Buy Now Party Wear Mens Art Silk Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 8168
Avg Price 1595 INR
Full Set + Single
Neck Embroidery Work Party Wear Art Silk Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 8167
Avg Price 1490 INR
Full Set + Single
New Designer Wedding Wear Mens Churidar Style Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 8160
Avg Price 2210 INR
Full Set + Single
Traditional Look Festival Wear New Designer Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 8159
Avg Price 1515 INR
Full Set + Single
Art Silk Neck Embroidery Work Churidar Sherwanis Collection
Catalog No : 8158
Avg Price 1465 INR

Sherwani can be described as the most popular ethnic garment for men. It is worn for auspicious occasions and which is more important than his own wedding day. Weddings are the day a bride as well as groom must look their very best no matter what as they day will be remembered by all. Wedding sherwani is a long coat made from hard textiles and paired with baggy pants ‘dhoti’ or loose cotton pants. 


Latest Wholesale Wedding Sherwani Catalog

Retailers searching for wholesale wedding sherwanis can get them here at lowest prices from supplier who is also a manufacturer. Each catalog features many products that differ in style and color to give more options. High quality at cheap prices is what our clients can expect when they buy at suratwholesaleshop. Silk and cotton fabric are two of our favorite materials and this can be seen in all our collections. 


Types of Wedding Sherwani we Offer

In our collections you will find many options in this, here they are explained to help you choose which one is the most appropriate for you.


Embroidery: the intricate sewing of colorful threads onto a fabric in a way that produces a pattern is known as embroidery, It is the number one design seen on all Indian clothing. On wedding wear it is done with gold threads to give higher value to the clothing.


Brocade: this design can be distinguished by the 3-Dimensional patterns that grace the fabric to create an unusual look. It is simply created by weaving a design into fabric rather than onto it like most others.


Digital Print: with improved technology, manufacturers are now able to use a machine to print designs, images, and patterns on the surface of any material. This has led to affordable prices and mass production which is why this can be seen all over the world.  


Latest Mens Wedding Sherwani Collection at our store

All of these and many more can easily be found on our online store.


Designer Wedding Sherwani 

Custom made designs to stand out from the crowd? Yes, we have these reserved for all grooms who are looking for the perfect outfit for their own marriage. Pair it with another colored stole to make sure you will leave a lasting impression on all guests. 


Groom Wedding Sherwani

We can understand that marriage is an important day for every man, get the best groom outfit that features gold printing over a series of colors, red peach, beige, balck, all will suit well with the gold imprints. With the right accessories and this garment, you will look like a prince.


Jacquard Wedding Sherwani

There is a separate class for these because they are in such high demand. Making every man look handsome and stylish, they should be present in every wardrobe as an outfit for every occasion, especially those that are a surprise and are not planned for.


Jodhpuri Wedding Sherwani

Known to be worn by royalty of older times, it guarantees the wearer will look and feel like a king. The visual accents on the fabric give a unique look that is not matched by any other type of ethnic garments. Jacquard fabric is used to create these patterns that are skillfully pressed into the material itself to give the pattern a textured appearance. Although it normally appears in darker shades you can find it here in all the light colors as well.


Indo-Western Wedding Sherwani

Weddings are cultural events, but sometimes you need a fashionable piece that looks more than traditional. Indo-western is a fusion of western and local characters. Fashion savvy men and younger men will definitely enjoy wearing this garment. Apart from making them look good, they are also comfortable for wearing for extended amounts of time. Banarasi silk and Art silk are favored by all men nationwide.You can get wholesale indo western Sherwani at bulk price.

 We also have wholesale Dhoti Sherwani at our store.

Supplier & Manufacturer

Our task as a manufacturer and supplier is to circulate our products throughout India and export to different countries around the world. We have thoughtfully set up our warehouse in Surat, a textile market in Gujarat. From here we are able to carry out our operations. Products we deal in Wholesale and we have wholesale saree catalog, wholesale kurtis, wholesale lehenga choli, wholesale salwar kameez, wholesale kids wear, wholesale kurta pajama for mens, wholesale wedding sherwani, wholesale Mens ethnic wear, Wholesale kidswear and Wholesale women clothing. We aim to continue offering good products at affordable rates to the world.